Welcome to El Cronus Hands Free Portable Reciprocating Multi Sex Machines

Looking for a compact solution to all those jobs needing repetitive motion ?  The "El Cronus" is the solution . Twin speed adjustable length Reciprocating movement in and out actions , in a robust Polycarbonate housing comprising robust high torque Motor assembly ,Portable Battery Mains Sex Machine El Cronus Multi Sex Machine Pumping Filing Machines its simple easy actions make it a multi sex machine capable of being used by either sex , its simple operation makes the machine ,light,and easy to use , its a use anywhere hands free portable sex machine , work home machine .Mains electrics or stand alone with its in built Rechargeable Sealed Battery, the El Cronus is equally at home in the workshop , living room , bedroom or even outside using its own in built power supply ,  Its uses are only limited to your own requirements from a simple file machine or saw to hole reaming and more .Check out the features and watch the VIDEO´s and we are sure you will agree its a great machine and suited to either sex male or female operation.

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